The Sweet Bumpas Difference
Fresh, Local, Seasonal Ingredients

We get great joy from incorporating fresh and flavorful ingredients from local farms into our products. Our ice creams are made with Smith Brothers milk and cream, and our fruit flavors include berries from Hayton Farms, peaches and apricots from Collins Family Orchards and rhubarb from Bautista Farms. You wont’t find a mint ice cream more naturally refreshing in Seattle as we use 2 pounds of fresh spearmint in every batch! Likewise, our Blackberry Vanilla tastes fresh from the vine; to quote one of our favorite customer complaints, “Your blackberry ice cream tastes too much like a blackberry.” We took that as a great compliment!

Bold Twists on Classic Flavors

Take one lick and you’ll immediately recognize that Sweet Bumpas ice creams are anything but normal. We’re not in the business of making “weird” flavors for the sake of being different, but do like to buck the norm by incorporating sweet and savory ingredients from all over our great big world. From inventive renditions of classics to the heavenly unusual, our ice cream creations are unconventionally bold and complex.

100% Made from Scratch

As self-respecting chefs with a commitment to quality, we don’t think that store bought anything belongs in our homemade ice creams. If you’re looking for Cookies and Cream with Oreos, look elsewhere. If there’s a chocolate cookie in your scoop, you can bet we made it! From melt in your mouth meringues that the The Stranger describes as “angel nipples” to fluffy mango-lime marshmallows, our one of a kind toppings and mix-ins created by chef Matt will wow the most discerning ice cream connoisseurs.


From Corporate Events to Fancy Parties

Sweet Bumpas is there for you.

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